Suzi K. Orth is a versatile Artist who works with various art mediums, from acrylic paint to epoxy resin. Suzi studied Fine Arts in college but has loved art from very early age and has been painting ever since. She has taught art to kids of all ages at private art schools in California early on in her career. Suzi and her family moved to the Pacific Northwest and has been their home for the past 2 decades. She feels blessed and inspired by all the beauty of nature that surrounds her.
Suzi enjoys painting florals the most, as they bring her joy and wishes the same for her collectors. Her floral paintings are full of life with textures and vibrant colors. She also enjoys painting seascapes and she gets her inspiration from her travels to Hawaii and also from the beautiful Oregon coast. Epoxy resin is another medium she enjoys working with. She loves the fluidity and the depth she can create with each layer. She enjoys working with resin to create functional art and also uses resin as a protective top coat on her paintings. Suzi hopes her artwork evokes feelings of joy and conversation to the viewers. 

Suzi has also created number of commissioned works such as pet portraits, house portraits and landscapes. She welcomes and encourages commission requests, as she enjoys creating a special custom art that her clients can treasure for a lifetime.